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Title: Mels and the Wolf
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Pairing(s): gen (Mels, Amy, Jack, Alex Hopkins [Torchwood])
Rating: Teen
Warnings (if applicable): no standard warnings apply
Prompt: Mels and Amy on a school trip (requested by [personal profile] juniperphoenix)
Author's Notes: Does contain a creature from the Marvel Comics run of Doctor Who comics, but it's not necessary to read those comics to understand the creature.

LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, AO3, Teaspoon
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Posting from the LJ side of the comm on behalf of [ profile] platypus:

Title: Chains of Love
Author: [personal profile] platypus
Characters/Pairing: Twelve/Missy
Rating: Adult
Word count: 3003
Beta: [personal profile] nonelvis
Summary: The Doctor and Missy are chained together; what happens next is inevitable. Set during Death in Heaven.

Author's notes: Written (belatedly) for the Only One Bed ficathon.
Prompt: "Twelve and Missy, chained together at the ankle For Reasons, must share a bed."

(Read on Livejournal, Teaspoon, or AO3)
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WELL, I looked and it said any bed-sharing fic is allowed now, so here is the one I started for onlyonebed and did not finish until I had finished another one which I said was my one for that but in a way they both are, so idk. BED-SHARING THOUGH!

Title: The Noise
Author: [personal profile] nostalgia
Characters/Pairing(s): Twelve/Clara, Twelve/TARDIS
Rating: PG/PG-13 at worst
Warnings: Nothing bad in this, other than it is possibly a bit sad for Clara for which I am sorry.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, nope.
Summary: The TARDIS breaks! This of course functions as a plot device so that the Doctor and Clara have to share a bed! Will they inevitably shag as Clara so dearly hopes?

:It is here at AO3:
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Title: Love/Hate
Author: nostalgia
Pairing(s): Twelve/Missy (and bits of/implications of Doctor/River and Doctor/Clara)
Rating: PG or maybe PG-13 at worst.
Warnings (if applicable): Swearing, drunkenness, off-camera sexytimes, handcuffs. Oh, and in case it needs said: Missy's opinions on various characters are not the opinions of the author, it's just that Missy is evil and possessive.
Author's Notes: Sorry for being late, I was trying to write a thing and it did not work but now there is this thing instead of that thing.

It is here on AO3
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February has flown by, which means it's time to post the masterlist of fics. I know some of you are still working on yours, and it's perfectly fine to submit them late -- just mention when you post that it's a fic for the fest, and I'll add it to this masterlist.

the list )

Many thanks to everyone who participated, and everyone still planning on it!

Finally, now that the fest is (technically) over, we're opening up the comm to post any Doctor Who-related bed-sharing fic you write. After all, the more, the merrier … especially when sharing a bed ;)
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Incredibly, February is almost over, which means that our bed-sharing fic fest is nearing its end. We've had some wonderful submissions so far, but there's always room for more! Our official last day of posting is February 28, and I'll post a master list of fics after that.

(If you're running late, don't worry about it! Just post your fic after the deadline and mention that it's for the fest, and I'll update the master list.)
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Title: *hic*
Author: [personal profile] nonelvis
Characters/Pairing(s): Tenth Doctor/Jackie Tyler
Rating: Teen
Word count: 3,198
Warnings: slight dubcon (shag-or-die scenario)
Prompt: "Ten/Jackie Tyler I DON'T CARE I JUST NEED THIS OKAY," from [personal profile] nostalgia
Betas: [ profile] platypus and [ profile] violetisblue
Summary: The Doctor woke in a TARDIS guest room, featureless other than the silver-sheeted double bed on which he was reclining with Jackie Tyler.
Disclaimer: Not mine, obviously.

Author's Notes: Written for the [community profile] onlyonebed Bed-Sharing Fic Fest, although the story includes shag-or-die as much as bed-sharing. Huge thanks to my betas [ profile] platypus and [ profile] violetisblue, without whom this story would be creepy and unfinished.

::xposted to [community profile] onlyonebed, [ profile] onlyonebed, [ profile] dwfiction, and [community profile] dwfiction, and archived at Teaspoon and AO3

Read the story
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Title: The Love Hotel
Author: Paranoidangel
Characters: Sarah Jane Smith & Harry Sullivan
Rating: PG
Prompt: None
Author's Notes: Set a few months after the Doctor dropped Sarah off in Aberdeen

Read it at:
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Title: In Your Dreams
Author: [personal profile] john_amend_all
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose
Rating: All ages
Word count: 1975
Disclaimer: "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
Prompt: 37: Anyone, telepathy and/or dream sharing
Author's Notes: None that I can think of. Except perhaps a pre-emptive apology.

At AO3: { In Your Dreams }

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Title: If You Were the Last Woman On Earth
Author: Vali
Pairing(s): Twelve/Missy, with references to multiple other pairings
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rough sex, BDSM.
Prompt: None, but "prompted" by reading a book where a young boy declares he wouldn't sleep with a girl "even if there was a nuclear war and we were the last people on Earth and there was only one place left to lie down."
Author's Notes: Set at some unspecified time after "Last Christmas" and before "The Magician's Apprentice." All of Missy's expressed opinions of companions past and present are strictly hers, not the author's. Thank you, Nonelvis, for co-hosting the fest and for the excellent beta.

Story link: Here at AO3.
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Whoops, should have done this before February, but anyway: Only One Bed now has a collection on AO3. If you post your story to AO3, please add it to the collection!


P.S. As lead moderator for A Teaspoon And An Open Mind, I should add that while we don't have collections, your story is every bit as welcome on our site, too.
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Title: Perchance to dream
Author: Kass
Pairing(s): Twelfth Doctor / Clara
Rating: explicit
Warnings (if applicable): none
Prompt: from [personal profile] cedara, "The alien inn has only one free double-bed - so the Twelfth Doctor and Clara have to share." (Except I made it a single bed, to make it even more fun...)
Author's Notes: Many thanks, as ever, to [ profile] sihayab for beta!

"We'll be warmer if we both sleep here," Clara points out. It's so eminently logical, he can't find a reason to disagree...

Read it at the AO3.

All feedback welcome! ♥
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… which probably means that your mod ought to finish revising her own fic. But for those of you who are way ahead of me: you may start posting your fic as of February 1! See the rules post for a posting template, and your mods will take care of tagging.
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Hard as it is to believe, we're far enough into January that [community profile] onlyonebed posting begins in under three weeks! If you haven't yet started your story and are looking for a prompt to use, head on over to our prompt-claiming post. And if you're already writing (or have finished!) your story, you earn a shiny gold star, and we all look forward to reading your fic in February.
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Thanks to everyone who submitted a prompt! We've got some great ones.

If you'd like to claim a prompt, leave us a comment (or an ask on Tumblr) with the number of the prompt you want. Multiple people may claim the same prompt, and you don't need to claim a prompt at all to write for the fest.

Your story is due anytime in February 2015, our month-long celebration of bed-sharing fic.

the list )
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[community profile] onlyonebed is still open for prompts, but only until Sunday, December 14! We've received lots of great prompts, but if you don't see the bed-sharing scenario of your dreams, now's the time to make a prompt for it.

On Monday the 15th, we'll post a master list of prompts received across LJ, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr so writers can begin claiming them. Stay tuned!
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Authors and readers may suggest prompts from now until December 14. We will post a master list of all prompts on December 15, at which point you may start claiming them.

Wondering what a prompt could look like? Here are some examples:
  • The Brigadier and the Third Doctor have to share a bed. (You know this happened.)

  • Eleven’s bachelor party takes an unexpected turn when he, Craig, Amy, and Rory have to share one bed in the hotel.

  • The Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, the Black Guardian, and a Raston Warrior Robot all accidentally book the same cozy bed and breakfast for the same weekend. (Plausible.)

  • Leela introduces Romana to a custom of the Sevateem, in which before a warrior pledges to protect her patron, they must share a bed.

  • “Mummy on the Orient Express” AU in which Twelve and Clara have to share one tiny train cabin bed.*

*The fest moderator team would like to express its strong desire that someone fill this sample prompt.

You may submit as many prompts as you want. If you post a prompt, you have no obligation to fill one yourself – though the more fic/art/affordably-produced rock operas y'all make, the more everyone wins!
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Schedule (all dates in UTC -5:00, Eastern Standard Time)

December 1: community opens for prompting.
December 15: master list of prompts posted; prompt-claiming begins.
February 1-28: posting period.
March 1: master list of entries posted.

Posting guidelines

Although this fest is being hosted on LiveJournal (and mirrored on Dreamwidth and Tumblr), your fic may be hosted anywhere – LJ, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Teaspoon, AO3 ... as long as we can hyperlink to it, it’s welcome.

If you have an account on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth (or have a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or OpenID account), you may post to or link your fic directly on the comm. If you’re a Tumblr user, you may submit to our Tumblr instead, and we’ll post it there and make sure your fic link is mirrored on LJ and Dreamwidth.

When posting your fic, use the following template:

If posting your story directly to the comm, please place it under a cut. Otherwise, just add a hyperlink to your story.


  • All characters and pairings are welcome.

  • Ship-, character-, and fan-bashing are not welcome under any circumstances.

  • Your fic may be any length, but should always be under a cut or linked rather than immediately viewable on any comm home page.

  • Your fic must include at least two characters sharing a bed. For obvious reasons, characters in sexual situations must be over the age of consent.

  • Although this is officially a fic fest, any fanwork involving bed-sharing is welcome – art, vids, podfic, etc.

Need more information? Feel free to ask us here, or leave us an ask on Tumblr.
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Welcome to Only One Bed, the fandom fest for one of the best tropes ever: sharing a bed!

We've all done it. Watched a scene between the Tenth Doctor and Mickey, or the Twelfth Doctor and Missy, or the Eleventh Doctor and the entire Paternoster Gang, and thought – hey. What if these people had to share a slightly too-small bed for transparently self-indulgent reasons only tenuously related to the plot? What might happen? Unresolved sexual tension? Awkward yet endearing cuddling? Naked Twister? The inspiration for the invention of the earplug?

Let’s find out!

If you’ve ever wanted to write fic, create fanart, make a vid, or write the score for a low-budget rock opera in which two or more characters from Doctor Who and its related media (including Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish audios, Torchwood, comics, etc.) have to share a bed for some kind of transparent and possibly only vaguely plot-related reason, this is the fest for you. All pairings, genres, and ratings are welcome, although extra points will obviously be awarded to anyone who writes about Frobisher the shape-shifting penguin*.

Interested? We’ve got a prompts post where you can leave prompts for others and claim one(s) you want to write yourself. Prompting and prompt-claiming are for fun and inspiration, but are not required to write for this fest; write whatever you like, as long as it involves 01: characters from Doctor Who 02: sharing a bed.

Prompts open for claiming on December 15. Posting of finished pieces will take place throughout the month of February – giving us all 28 Days of Sharing a Bed (Through Time and Space). So romantical! (Or aromantical, depending on what you write!) No need to have a LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or Tumblr account to participate; you can always contact the mod team at onlyonebed [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll post on your behalf.

Need more info? Check out our rules post for complete fic fest guidelines, or leave us questions here or via an ask on Tumblr.

*The fest moderator team would like to express its understanding that Frobisher is not actually a penguin.

About this fic fest

Only One Bed is a bed-sharing fic fest for Doctor Who and related media.

Moderated by [personal profile] prof_pangaea and [personal profile] nonelvis. Need to contact us? Email onlyonebed [at] gmail [dot] com.

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